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Fatima, Daughter of Muhammad

02 January 2015 06:00:40
Fatima, Daughter of Muhammad

Muhammad SAW Loved Her So Much, To The Extent That When She Approached Him; The Prophet SAW Would Rise And Kiss Her Forehead, And Place Her In His Seat, When Muhammad SAW Came From A Journey; He Would Go To The Masjid And Pray Two Raka’at, Then Go To [Fatima’s] House To Greet Her And Then Go To The House Of His Wives, Besides Being The Leader Of All The Women Of Paradise; She Also Gave Birth To The Most Honourable Men In Paradise, Al-Hasan And Al-Husayn, She Is Fatima; The Daughter Of Muhammad SAW, But Fatima RA Actually Loved Him In A Way That She Went To Him In Moments Of Suffering, She Went To Him In Moments Of Utter Despair That Anybody Else Would’ve Fallen Apart And She Was The One That Provided To Him The Comfort, She Also Adopted So Much From The Prophet SAW In Terms Of Her Character In Fact One Of Her Nicknames Being Az-Zahrah, The Splendid One Was Because Of Her Radiant Place, She Had That Beautiful radiant Face And She Is The Daughter Of Rasullullah SAW Whose Face Was As Bright As The Full Moon, Fatima Is A Part Of Me Then Who Could Be Comparable To A Part Of The Prophet SAW He Whoever Angers Her, Angers Me, Whoever Pleases Her, Pleases Me, So We Know Therefore That Fatima Is So Specific That Her Happiness And Her Anger Was Link To The Anger And Happiness Of The Prophet Of Allah Himself SAW, Seeing The People Laugh At Him And Mock Him And Curse Him, Imagine The Humiliation And The Hurt And The Pain And She Sees That And She Starts To Cry And The Prophet SAW Says: Do Not Cry My Daughter, Allah SWT Will Help Your Father, He Will Give Victory To Your Father, Ali Ibn Abi Talib Walked In And HE Sat With the Prophet SAW, The Messenger SAW Looked At Me And He Said: Why Did You Come For, Do You Need Anything? I Didn’t Speak, I Said: No, No There’s Nothing And So The Prophet SAW Looked At Him And He Smiled, And He Said: Haven’t You Come To Ask The Hand Of Fatima In Marriage? Ali Ibn Abi Talib With All Embarrassment Said: Yes Indeed. One Thing That We Learn Is That We See How Ali RA And His Wife Fatima Lived A Life Of Frugality Known For Her Honesty, She Was Known For Her Bravery, She Was Known For Her Piety, She Was Known For Her Sacrifice, She Was Known For Her Resemblance And Imitation Of The Prophet SAW, What A Remarkable Role Model Therefore That She Was.

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