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What COO Rudolf Braun Says About Halal Chocolate?

15 January 2020 21:22:59
What COO Rudolf Braun Says About Halal Chocolate?, mannekin pis, chocolate with halal certificate, belgium chocolate, rudolf braun halal chocolate, chocolatterie
Mr. Pavel Krupka (center) and Peter (right), representative of chocolatterie shop Rudolf Braun Mannekin Pis, Brussels - Tuesday (14/1/2020) met Mr. Pavel Krupka, COO of Rudolf Braun, a chocolate factory in Brussels, Belgium established since 1899. So, what Mr. Pavel says about his new product: Halal Chocolate?

What's the important thing about introducing this halal chocolate to Indonesian people?

The most important is Belgium produce a lot of chocolate and there are a lot of chocolatterie shop in Brussels downtown. Our Rudolf Braun Mannekin Pis chocolatterie shop is one of many chocolatteries in Mannekin Pis, the only one chocolatterie shop that sells chocolate with halal certificate.

Our store is near at the statue of the Mannekin Pis, direct the place in the quarter to our chocolatterie shop and we sell our own product with halal certificate.

What is your opinion about Halal Tourism especially in Belgium and Europe?

Today, I think the muslim is the biggest tourists in the world. But Europe offer the tourist to discover nice places in downtown, especially the chocolatterie shop because the tourist usually bring something for the gift.

Beside this halal chocolate, is it any other product that you want to develop to increase Halal Tourism Campaign?

Today I am not able to say I am going to established other halal product but maybe yes in the future we will produce any other halal product.

For your information, Rudolf Braun is a homemade chocolate product that made from high quality of cacao. There are 3 various of Rudolf Braun Mannekin Pis halal chocolate: Praline, Truffles, Chocolate Bar/Tablet, Box of chocolates and Sea shells (hazelnut chocolate with unique form like sea shells, sea star, etc).

What COO Rudolf Braun Says About Halal Chocolate?

Why should choose Rudolf Braun?

1. Unique high quality chocolate with halal certificate

2. Comfortable space and professional access

3. Best commisions policy

4. Fully functional cctv systems.

So, if you get the chance to visit Mannekin Pis at Rue de Cene street, Brussels, don't forget to shop in Rudolf Braun Chocolatterie Shop Mannekin Pis. Come and enjoy. [ind]

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