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Uthman Ibn Affan RA

21 February 2015 03:30:34
Uthman Ibn Affan RA

Naturally When You Speak About Uthman RA, What's The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind? His Shyness And With His Shyness, With His Hayat Comes Shyness, Softness, Modesty, Humility And Then The Other Concept, The Other Defining Feature That You Have About Him Is; Is His Generosity, Abu Sa'id Al Khudri RA; He Says I Once Saw Rasullullah SAW Raising His Hands From The Beginning Of The Night Until The End Of The Night Saying: O Allah I Am Pleased With Uthman; So Be Pleased With Him. When The Prophet SAW Asked For Military Equipment For A Battle, Uthfan Ibn Affan; He Didn't Give Used Items, He Gave What We Will Be Equivalent Of Today, With Fully Loaded Humvees, He Brought The Best Camels, He Brought The Best Shields And Swords, If It Wasn't For The Love Of Allah, What Was It For? Did He Need To Become Popular? No, His Status Was There, his Wealth There, He Had Everything He Needed, He Only Desired Allah SWT, Such Was The Love He Had SWT. In The Time Of Umar Ibn Khattab There Was Peace And Security And There Was Stability, After Umar Ibn Khattab Passed Away, That's When The Fitan Started, Then Uthman Ibn Affan Became The Khalifah, Uthman Ibn Affan Was Killed, He Was Assassinated, The Difference Between The Assassination Of Umar And Uthman Is That The Assassination Of Umar Was Done By A Disbeliever, But The Assassination Of Uthman Was Done By People Under The Name Of Islam, And That's Why It Opened The Door Of Disunity. And Uthman RA Because Of His Leniency Does Not Act Harshly Towards Them And He Says I Do Not Want A Single Drop Of Blood To Be Shed In My Cause, But Still With That Ali RA Places His Children Al Hasan And Al Hussain To Guard Uthman RA, On That Day; A Thursday July 16; Uthman RA While He's Reading Qur'an And He's Sitting Down, This 82 Year Old Man, He Doses Off And He Falls Asleep At The Time Of Salah Al Asr And He Was Fasting That Day, And He Sees In His Dream Rasullullah SAW; Smiling, And Rsullullah SAW He Says: Ya Uthman, Did They Forbid You From Water? He Said: Yes Ya Rasullullah, He Said: Ya Uthman, Did They Forbid You From Food, He Said: Yes Ya Rasullullah, They Forbade Me From Food, And He Said: Ya Uthman, Did They Forbid You From Praying Salah In My Masjid, And HE Said: Yes Ya Rasullullah, They Forbade Me From Praying Salah In Your Masjid, Rasullullah SAW Says To Him: Good news O Uthman, You're Going To Break Your Fast With Us Tonight; Subhanallah.

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