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Jumat, 18 Oktober 2019 | 19 Safar 1441 H
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Asiya, Wife of Pharaoh

19 December 2014 23:20:01
Asiya, Wife of Pharaoh

Lecturers by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki, Sheikh Uthman Lateef, Sheikh Shady, Sheikh Omar Suleiman and Bilal Asad.

Firoun [Pharaoh] Saw A Dream, He Was Told That It Means That There Will Be A Man From The Children Of Israel Who Will Take Away Your Kingdom And Will Destroy Your Army And Your People, And Firoun Heard That Interpretation, He Said: Easy; We’ll Take Care Of That, Any Child That Is Born, Kill Him, Allah Says That The Family Firoun Picked Him Up And Then the Wife Of Firoun, Asiya AS, What Did She Say: A Source Of Joy For Me And You, Don’t Kill Him, And Asiya Is The One Who Raised Up Sayyidina Musa, So For Him She Was Like A Second Mother, But Just Imagine How It Must Have Been For Her At This Moment Of Time, A Woman Living With A Man Who Believes Himself To Be God, And She Knows Of Course All Of His Imperfections Because She’s His Wife, She Lived With Firoun, She Knows Who Firoun Is Like The Rest Of The Human Being And He Is Not Capable Of Anything More Than What The Creation Of Allah Is Capable Of, So He’s Living In The Palace Of Firoun, She Is The Queen, She Has Everything A Women Seeking Dunya Can Ask For, She Has Everything That Dunya Can Offer, But The Thing That Was Missing There Was Islam And Imaan, She Believed In Allah SWT And The Message Of Sayyidina Musa, O Firoun I Have Disbelieved In You, I Don’t Care What You’re Gonna Do And I Believe In The Message Of Musa And Harun The Lord Of All The Worlds, Firoun Said Do You Know What I Will Do Too You, He Was Shocked, She Said: I Know And I Don’t Care, Subhanallah, I Don’t Care Do What You Want, Asiya Was An Example Of Bravery And Courage And She Did Not Wield Under The Pressure Of Firoun, She Was Crucified And In Some Reports She Was Stretched Out On The Floor And She Would Be Whipped And She Would BE Tortured And Persecuted, The Angels Shaded Her, The Angels Shaded And She Laughed And Firoun Said To The Guards, Look How Crazy This Women Is, And She Laughed And She Laughed And She Laughed Until Firoun Got Frustrated And He Said: Do You Know What This Women Is Not Coming Back To Her Senses, Go To The Highest Cliff, Tie Her Under There And Push Off A Boulder So That Would Smash Her Body In To Pieces.

Sumber: Youtube > Asiya, Wife of Pharaoh

Sumber: Youtube > Asiya, Wife of Pharaoh

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